Sulfate Free Clarifying Shampoos

Clarifying shampoos are a must for everyone, but a much needed product for those of us who use a lot of chemical-laden hair products daily. You cannot imagine the accumulation of daily buildup of oil and dust by styling hair products in your hair and scalp.

Failing to take proper care of your hair by a thorough cleansing ritual such as with a clarifying shampoo will be like leaving makeup on your face overnight – a horrifying thought!

One of the main reasons for dull, heavy strands of hair is excessive product build-up. You need a good quality sulfate free clarifying shampoo to gently and thoroughly clean your hair of all the dirt, oil and grime.

Why sulfate free, you ask?

Sulfates and other harsh cleaning agents in shampoos strip your hair of all its natural oils and moisture and cause irritation in your skin and scalp.

Sulfate free clarifying shampoos, on the other hand, are not only good for the health of your hair in the long run, but these are also highly effective in deep cleansing and restoring your hair back to its natural healthy state. Plus, they are very gentle on your skin and do not aggravate your scalp.

The market is flooded with a million sulfate-free clarifying shampoo options and you could go for one based on your hair type, budget and personal preferences.

Rock Out With Trans Siberian Orchestra

Since 1996 fans the world over have marveled at the music by trans siberian orchestra. What most people don’t know is that two of the founding members are also part of the heavy metal group, Savatage. But that makes since when listening to the blistering guitar solos in TSO’s bigger hit, Christmas Eve Sarajevo 12/24, from their triple platinum selling album Christmas Eve And Other Stories. Also unknown to most is the fact that that song was originally recorded by Savatage in 1995 and is all about the war in Bosnia.
Trans Siberian Orchestra has never played in a club, having the clout, chops, and stage show to tour only arenas. In fact, since 2000 they are one of the top ten grossing touring bands in the world. Their most popular shows, of course, are around the Christmas holiday, where they play to sold out arenas every night. That in and of itself is a bit of an oddity for a progressive rock band, but it makes all the sense in the world when you hear their chill inducing music.
If you have never listened to Trans Siberian Orchestra do yourself a favor and check out their catalog wherever music is sold.